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shrink films

Excellent chemical resistance, moisture barrier design and strong structure make these Plastic Films one of the best options to use. They are tough and highly flexible in nature ensuring to keep the products safe during transporting and packaging.

packing bags

Cost-effective, reliable and safe to use Industrial Packing Bags are available in transparent and colored designs. They are provided with higher clarity and gloss with unmatched tensile strength. With high impact and toughness, they also ensure to resist rough and tough handling.

insert liners

These heavy duty insert liners are used primarily in woven sacks as an extra layer of protection. They are reliable and have high tensile strength which not only protects the goods from transport wear and tear but also keeps dust, moisture, and other elements away.

plastic covers

Multi-purpose Plastic Covers can be reused & sealed again for providing the best packaging option. They are ideal for packaging different industrial & household products for keeping them safe. They can also be used while travelling to store products owing to their thick & durable texture & are able to withstand high wear & tear, damage & cutting.

plastic rolls

These high quality, tear resistant plastic sheet rolls are used in custom packaging or used in automated packaging when installed in a wrapping machine. They are designed to withstand rough handling of the packed goods during transportation. They also prevent scratches, dings, damages and dents to the valuables.

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